Seamore’s Misfits has a number of events during the week which are open to group members, including:

  • Welcome Party
  • Group Dinner
  • Private Catamaran Cruise
  • Gift Exchange
  • One Love Pub Crawl
  • Farewell Party

Each night, Hedonism II has a different theme. Here are the themes for our week:

MONDAY – TROPICAL STIMULATION Lime with us under the stars as we get sizzling hot working up a sweat. Allow the rhythm of Soca music fused with Reggae beats ignite a carnival vibe during our Tropical party.
TUESDAY – FLOWER POWER 1960s GLOW This is an era of lots of colours, returning to nature and “letting it all hang out”. Think tie-dye look, love beads and daisies. Celebrate the decade of the Beatles, Laugh In and Woodstock!
WEDNESDAY – FETISH LEATHER & LINGERIE Dress in leather & lingerie or whatever fetish you want to explore, and then prepare to indulge your fetish fantasies.
THURSDAY – CASINO NIGHT Let’s go to Monaco – James Bond style casino party, or a fun night in Las Vegas – and, if gaming is not your thing then our Foam Party is sure to stimulate your senses.
FRIDAY – ROCKSTAR GALA Ever wanted to be a rock star? Live out your fantasy in the fun filled theme night.
SATURDAY – ZOODONISM “Sexy Animal” Animal print, Tribal wear, Feathers, Masks or ladies can simply don an orchid behind your ear, either way you will get caught up in the fever of the Hedo.
SUNDAY – 7 DEADLY SINS Explore lustful pleasure, over-indulgence, vanity, desire, rage, shiftlessness and materialism in sinful ambiance. Pick a sin and have a blast with it. Dress up as Lust or Envy show some skin and dress extra scandalous.